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Monday, 04 February 2013 19:11

Bison place third at cheer competition

Beachwood’s competitive cheer team placed third at the Champion Cheer Central Cheer and Dance Carnivale on Sunday at Eastlake North High School.

It was the squad’s first competition since the 2004 season.

“This is my 13th year of coaching and the last time we did competition was in ’04,” said Beachwood coach Colleen Schachtel. “None of these girls have ever competed in a competition. They were a little disappointed they got third, but I tried to explain to them it’s a learning experience.”

When Schachtel first formed the squad over a decade ago, she limited participation to the members of the cheer squads. This year she opened it up to all Beachwood students.

The Bison competitive squad now has a different look.

“This was really interesting because when we formed this competitive squad, typically we only used our cheerleading squad. This year we opened it up so we have a girls’ basketball player, a person that runs track and two girls that were on the drill team,” Schachtel said. “It’s interesting to see their take on it. Of course they were very excited about it and they got the jitters in the very beginning. At the very end they said they never experienced anything like that. It was exciting for them. It’s all new for all of these girls.”

Because the squad is new to the competitive cheer circuit and stunting in particular, the Bison entered the competition as a non-tumble, non-mount squat. Their performance consisted of cheer and dance routines.

“Practice went beautiful; they nailed the practice,” Schachtel said. “There were a few flub-ups, but they were little things we can fix. It was just the jitters.”

The start of the 2 minutes, 15 second routine included pompoms and signs that spelled out Bison, Beachwood’s school mascot. Eventually the girls went into a jump routine and finished with a dance.

The Bison will take their third place honor and the score sheet that came with it to prepare for their next competition at Ashland High School on Sunday, Feb. 17.

“We got critiqued and we got the score sheet with the points that we got knocked down on,” Schachtel said. “We know what to work on. We’ll use the same routine and just build up on it. Hopefully by Feb. 24 we’ll win first place.”

Beachwood will travel to Chardon High School on Feb. 24 for the CCC Cupid’s Cheer and Dance Challenge.

This summer the squad will attend a four-day camp in Galion, Ohio.

“It’s a stunting camp so we’ll learn more stunting and we hope to add that for next year,” Schachtel said.

Beachwood JV coach Kayla Beavis choreographed the Bison’s routine.

Squad members include:

  • Annie Adelman
  • Anielle Barden-Dancy
  • Haley Bogomolny
  • Tatiana Boykin-Hayes
  • Amira Hardy
  • Camarie Howell
  • Kendyl Kennon
  • Toni Nicholas
  • Maurina Nunn
  • Gabrielle Perryman
  • Katie Platt
  • Hannah Richardson
  • Angeliza Rivera-Torres
  • Ashley Small
  • Mariah Thomas
  • Imani Wells